African polygamy: Past and present

  James Fenske 09 November 2013 Several theories link polygamy to poverty. Polygamy is concentrated in west Africa and has declined in recent decades. Geographic variation in women’s agricultural productivity does not predict differences in the prevalence of polygamy, but historical inequality and exposure to the slave trade do. Although […]

EXCLUSIVE: Migrants with more than one wife will get EXTRA benefits under new reforms

IMMIGRANTS with many wives will actually get extra benefits under reforms to Britain’s welfare system. By CAROLINE WHEELER PUBLISHED: 04:01, Mon, Jan 25, 2016   GETTY Immigrants with many wives will get extra benefits under reforms to Britain’s welfare system Polygamous marriages, largely confined to Muslim families, are recognised in […]

Putin Is Down With Polygamy

In assenting to coerced, teenage marriages in Chechnya, Russia’s Christian warrior has made a devil’s bargain with an Islamist thug. BY JULIA IOFFE JULY 24, 2015 It’s not news that Vladimir Putin has become a hero for the European right wing. Far-right activists and party leaders from Britain to Hungary […]