Lynching as Racial Terrorism

The New York Times — It is important to remember that the hangings, burnings and dismemberments of black American men, women and children that were relatively common in this country between the Civil War and World War II were often public events. They were sometimes advertised in newspapers and drew […]

Five Bleak Facts on Black Opportunity

Brookings: by Richard V. Reeves and Edward Rodrigue —- What would Martin Luther King Jr. think of America in 2015 if he’d lived to see his eighty-sixth birthday today? No doubt, he’d be pleased by the legal and political advances of black Americans, crowned by the election and re-election of President Obama.  […]

Je Suis Ahmed

almost fearless: by Cristine Gilbert — I posted about the attack on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo on Facebook and offered my condolences to the victims and their families. I spent the next 24 hours moderating comments, at first arguing with people who were quoting the Qur’an, then wholesale deleting […]

The Day My Faith in America Died

Huff Post: by Paul Brandies Raushenbush — “Do you think the Surgeon General is behind it?” Sean joked with me this morning, “I mean there were cigarettes and cigarillos involved in both so maybe they just really don’t want us to smoke.” Sean’s attempt at humor masked the deep pain he is […]