50 Faith Leaders Condemn Racism of Trump

Christianity, Examined Source: Huffington Post By Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith; Writer, author, musician, pastor, preacher and social justice advocate. Over 50 faith leaders from across the country, representing various denominations, added their signatures to a statement entitled “Called to Resist Bigotry – A Statement of Faithful Obedience.” These faith leaders addressed […]

German far-right Pegida founder Bachmann in race trial

Source: BBC The founder of Germany’s anti-Islamist Pegida movement has gone on trial in Dresden on hate speech charges. Lutz Bachmann, 43, is accused of inciting racial hatred in Facebook posts, in which he called refugees “cattle”, “scumbags” and “filth”. Pegida’s rallies have attracted thousands of supporters in Germany. Separately, […]

UK: Private Islamic school printing anti-Semitic libels

A Muslim private school in the UK distributed leaflets condemning British society and reproducing anti-Semitic libels, according to an exclusive expose by Sky News. Mufti Zubair Dudha, the founder and head of the Islamic Tarbiyah Academy in Dewsbury in northen England, produced the leaflets. One quotes the famous anti-Semitic forgery ‘The Protocols […]