3-Day Trinity Exhibit ‘Hijabs And Hoodies’ Challenges Stereotypes

Source: Hartford Courant

When a wave of violence and police brutality against young African Americans occurred a few years ago, Tracy Keza was paying close attention. “Images were just being made and shared online in a way that I felt wasn’t productive. … It was just a cycle of one bad thing after another,” said Keza, a native of Kigali, Rwanda, and a senior at Trinity College. “First it was Trayvon, then Ferguson, then the shooting at the black church.

“I was frustrated,” she said. “The media and the photography didn’t feel like there was anything tangible for me to do.”

Out of that observation came the exhibit “Hijabs & Hoodies.” The show will be up for three days only, April 20 to April 22, at the Broad Street Gallery on campus. Keza will be present at the opening reception April 20 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

The exhibit shows 11 photographs, some of Muslim women wearing hijabs and some of young black men wearing hoodies. All are members of the Hartford community.

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