Repressed Brits, evil Mexicans, Arab villains: why are Hollywood’s animated movies full of racist stereotypes?

theguardian: by Steve Rose — Perhaps it’s a matter for the film classification boards. They could put a warning on the certificate: “Contains mild fantasy violence, very mild language, a white-supremacist subtext, and grotesquely derogatory portrayals of ethnic minorities.” Or: “Probably won’t make your child into a racist, but sure […]

Fear of a black Europe

Global Post: Paul Ames. BRUSSELS, Belgium — The appointment of Italy’s first black cabinet minister was a cause for celebration for anti-racism campaigners in Europe. Their joy was cut short by reactions to Congo-born Cecile Kyenge taking office. “This is a bonga bonga government,” said Mario Borghezio, a member of […]


Protesters in White Plains urge Metro-North Railroad to denounce anti-Islam ad  Sep 7, 2012   | 1  Comments ZOOM Islamaphobia: Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner and Chappaqua resident Khusro Elley discuss their opposition to anti-Islamic signs posted at Metro-North stations in Westchester. / Greg Shillinglaw / The Journal News Written by […]