Is God Perfect?

Source: NYTimes Author: YORAM HAZONY Is God perfect? You often hear philosophers describe “theism” as the belief in a perfect being — a being whose attributes are said to include being all-powerful, all-knowing, immutable, perfectly good, perfectly simple, and necessarily existent (among others). And today, something like this view is common […]

The Need for Love

Huff Post: In a recent conversation for Super Soul Sunday, when Oprah described to me how so often in her conversations and interviews, people said to her how they just wanted to be happy, I found myself responding, “I think they want to be loved.” All of us want, or […]

Islamic Cooperation suspends Syria – Jerusalem Post

Organization of Islamic Cooperation suspends Syria By REUTERS, JPOST.COM STAFF 08/16/2012 04:39 Membership suspended despite Iran opposition; OIC cites Assad’s violent suppression of Syrian revolt, but does not see any support for external military intervention; US commend action. PHOTO: REUTERS/STRINGER .   MECCA – The Organization of Islamic Cooperation suspendedSyria‘s […]

Attack on Illinois Islamic School

Illinois Islamic School Targeted With Bottle Bomb In Second Recent Attack On Area Mosques Posted: 08/14/2012 12:26 pm Updated: 08/14/2012 12:26 pm 9 7 https://plusone.google.com/_/+1/fastbutton?bsv=pr&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.huffingtonpost.com%2F2012%2F08%2F14%2Fillinois-islamic-school-t_n_1775550.html&size=tall&count=true&origin=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.huffingtonpost.com&hl=en-US&jsh=m%3B%2F_%2Fapps-static%2F_%2Fjs%2Fgapi%2F__features__%2Frt%3Dj%2Fver%3DEjqGhgylh8o.en_US.%2Fsv%3D1%2Fam%3D!OgKRzknZ1ASAaEDr2w%2Fd%3D1%2Frs%3DAItRSTMZtB6F10Jl9BMhSmuZWEaSbtAUBQ#id=I2_1345006766701&parent=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.huffingtonpost.com&rpctoken=225627720&_methods=onPlusOne%2C_ready%2C_close%2C_open%2C_resizeMe%2C_renderstart FOLLOW: Video, College Preparatory School Of America, David Conrad, David Conrad Charged, Morton Grove Mosque, Morton Grove Mosque Shooting, Mosque Shooting, Mosque Shot, Muslim Education Center, Muslim Education Center Morton Grove, Muslim Education Center Mosque, Shots Fired At Mosque, Chicago […]

If Muhammad Had Not Spoken

Huff Post: by Samir Selmanovic Community Engagement Catalyst, Communicator Life interrupts us. When we can’t fit our life experience into our religion, something has to give, and life can’t give. Like a sturdy surgical tool, life cuts back across our religion to save us from it. Just when we figure […]

The Soul of Islamic Symbols

Huff Post Most, if not all religions, function in the world of symbolism and communicate their universal messages to their followers through these religious symbols. Rituals, sacraments, prayers, worship services, religious ceremonies and more are nothing but to invite believers to engage with very deep ethical, moral and spiritual teachings […]