Claiming My Religious Right

Huff Post: by Stephanie Mott —

In the days of my youth, I knew little of the meanings of terms such as the religious right and the liberal left. I was taught to believe in a loving God, and that, I have begun to understand, is the greatest fortune of my birth. I was raised by parents who believed in a loving God.

The religious right that is the subject of this blog is not the religious right that comes to mind as these words are used to classify a particular brand of faith. The religious right I speak of, is my right to believe in a loving God. It is a right that was stolen from me. It is a right I have claimed once again.

It is not the right to force my religious beliefs on another. Nor is it a requirement for anyone to embrace the spiritual nature of the universe. In truth, it seems strange to me that the Creator of the universe would be so vain as to require that someone must believe before they are worthy of unconditional love. Not to put too fine a point on it, but adding the requirement of believing in God in order to qualify for unconditional love kind of negates the unconditional part.

It is my right to believe in unconditional love. Why is it that we are so eager to put conditions on God’s unconditional love? You have to be straight. You can’t be transgender. You have to be Christian. You have to believe. No! Not! None of these things! You just have to be. All that is required to receive God’s love is to be. And if God loves you as you are, so should I.


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