Losing My Religion

Huff Post: by Karl Wilder — When I was a little boy, I was taught to love Jesus. Jesus would save me from sin and guarantee my place in heaven. Early on my mother’s husband “Bob” gave me a picture of Jesus with a wooden frame. At the time I […]

The Beginner’s Mind and the Mind of God

Huff Post: by Rabbi Geoffery A. Mitelman — Duquesne University in Pittsburgh is a Catholic university with schools of both theology and sciences, which means that people in different departments often develop friendships across disciplines. Joyce Konigsburg, a doctoral student in theology, got to know Dr. Kevin Tidgewell, a professor of Medicinal […]

Atheism is an offshoot of deism

theguardian: by Theo Hobson —  In the previous article, I considered Rousseau’s political radicalism, at some speed. I want to offer a summarizing reflection on that theme, before moving on to his religious thought. Political justice, said Rousseau, depends on an understanding that state power belongs to the people, exists to […]

The Mystery of God and the Brain

Huff Post: by Deepak Chopra — To summarize the situation, we have three mysteries that we do not understand: the unpredictable movements of atoms, the existence of our own consciousness, and the friendliness of the universe to life and mind. I am only saying that the three mysteries are probably […]