Atheist Church Split

Huff Post — Though the Sunday Assembly “atheist church” was founded just last year bycomedians Pippa Evans and Sanderson Jones, it expanded quickly from just one London congregation to 28 in cities around the world. Perhaps then, it isn’t so surprising that its dynamism has now led to a schism […]

Has Atheism Become a Religion?

Source: Huff Post, by David Lose. Before you dismiss the question out of hand, consider these four inter-related bits of evidence: 1) As recently reported in the New York Times, military personnel who identify themselves as “Atheists” have requested chaplains to tend to their spiritual needs. As the Times article notes, “Defense Department statistics […]

Religion in the 21st Century

Source: Huff Post, by Akash Arasu. Recent times have seen an increasing trend in non-affiliation to religion in many parts of the world — in the United States there’s been an increase of nearly 5 percentage points in the past five years. Coupled with this, there has been an increase in atheism, dubbed “New […]