Atheism, a Comparative Study

By Obaid Ullah Khan Latest surveys of the religious demographics of the world show that around 33.3% of the world’s population belongs to Christian faith which is the largest religion in the world at present. At second position comes Islam which enjoys the adherence of around 21% of the whole […]

What Happens When Atheists Die?

Huff Post: Jaweed Kaleem. Most nones have some kind of belief in God, spirituality or a higher power without attributing it to a specific religion, but unlike followers of many religions, they don’t always have a concrete belief in the afterlife. And among the nones, the increasing number of atheists […]

Thoughts on science and faith

Times Standard I majored in biology as an undergraduate, and have never regretted it. Life has taken me in many directions since then, but the “science of life” has stayed with me. I’ve recently read some books by Richard Dawkins, a genetic and molecular biologist, and an atheist. I recommend […]