Thoughts on science and faith

Times Standard I majored in biology as an undergraduate, and have never regretted it. Life has taken me in many directions since then, but the “science of life” has stayed with me. I’ve recently read some books by Richard Dawkins, a genetic and molecular biologist, and an atheist. I recommend […]

Who Speaks for Religion?

Source: Huff Post Usually we know where to look for answers. You know where to go for the weather forecast, and who to call when your car won’t start. If you need to find something more esoteric–who fought the War of the Spanish Succession, or what is the main export […]

Atheists, please read my heathen manifesto | Julian Baggini

Sunday 25 March 2012 Source: Atheists are too often portrayed as bishop-bashing extremists and any meaningful debate with the religious becomes impossible. How can this be remedied? At the Guardian Open Weekend, Julian Baggini presented his 12 rules for heathens In recent years, we atheists have become more confident […]