Can You Be Good Without God?

Source: NY Times. A writer for a Times blog about philosophy argues that being an atheist does not mean “anything goes” — in fact, quite the opposite. What do you think? Can morality be independent of God? Can people who don’t believe in God still be as “good” as those […]

Philosopher Sticks Up for God

For too long, Mr. Plantinga contends in a new book, theists have been on the defensive, merely rebutting the charge that their beliefs are irrational. It’s time for believers in the old-fashioned creator God of the Bible to go on the offensive, he argues, and he has some sports metaphors […]

Al Aleem: The Bestower of true Dreams

Revelation has had a very large role to play in human history. The evidence not only comes from religion but also science. This article was originally published in June, 2007 volume of Ahmadiyya Gazette USA. Let me first introduce the subject of revelation in language and examples that are more […]

Atheism stands for relativism or a slippery slope!

Respecting the signs of the Omniscient and Omnipotent God is the only emotional and intellectual anchor that mankind has to prevent it from flying away into barren wasteland of misguidance.  This is described in the following verses of the Holy Quran: And whoso associate anything with Allah, falls, as it were, from […]