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Amtul Q Farhat

A Retired Asst Professor of Pediatrics currently working in Canada.

Indonesia gets taste of Chinese culture

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Chinese art, dance, movies and music are expected to charm Indonesians in an event called “Experience China”, which kicked off on Tuesday in the capital of the Southeast Asian nation. Organized by China’s State Council Information Office, the event will be held throughout July in the cities […]

Amazing Israel

In 2007, New York City-based David Kaufman named Tel Aviv, your disembarkation point in Israel by air, the “Mediterranean’s New Capital of Cool”, testament to its growing popularity in a country with an amazing number of attractions considering it’s only the size of Wales. The city has nine districts, the […]

62%: Rabbi Lior’s arrest – right move

Ynet-Gesher survey shows 77% of seculars, 57% of traditional Jews support law enforcement authorities’ decision to detain rabbi for incitement, while 94% of haredim and 80% of religious Jews say it was wrong The majority of the public believes Israel’s law enforcement authorities did the right thing when they arrested […]

The Flotilla Fascination

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is sometimes uniquely simple for such a subject that causes people to dedicate their lives to the study of it. Precipitating events can sometimes highlight the distance between the two countries in the most blatant and simple ways. Never before has this been so true since the […]

Prosecutor weak in Ahmadiyah trial: Elsam

A team monitoring the trials of an attack against religious minority group Ahmadiyah said Monday the prosecutor performed below standard. It said many witnesses’ statements were not well-explored during the trials. Wahyu Wagiman, a team member from the Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy (Elsam), told reporters the prosecutor ignored […]