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Amtul Q Farhat

A Retired Asst Professor of Pediatrics currently working in Canada.

Turmeric Can Combat Cancer

…….. Having “bad genes,” does not at all mean you’re doomed to suffer some inevitable fate. Genes are merely blueprints, and these blueprints are activated and controlled by something else entirely, namely their environment. This environmental information—which includes diet, toxic exposures, as well as thoughts and emotions, and more—can create […]

Family of twins plead for deaths

DELHI – The impoverished family of Indian conjoined twins won worldwide sympathy when they rejected the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi’s offer to pay for surgery to separate them. They feared that one or both might die in the operation and could not bear to lose either. Five years later, […]

Indonesia bans workers to Saudi Arabia

Indonesia, which has come under fire from abroad for its use of the death sentence, has decided is to bar its citizens from Saudi Arabia to work after an Indonesian maid was beheaded for murdering her Saudi employer. There are about 1.2 million Indonesian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia, most […]

Jews, Muslims Fight Circumcision Ban

Opponents go to court after Herrera declines to get involved, citing conflict as mayoral candidate Muslims and Jews came together Wednesday on the steps of San Francisco’s City Hall to defend the right to circumcise their male children. Representatives of two of the world’s great monotheistic religions are named as […]

35th Annual Ahmadiyya Convention, Canada

June 20, 2011 Baitul Islam Mosque, Maple, Ontario A briefing session regarding 35th Annual Convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was held for media and press personals at Baitul Islam Mosque, Maple, on June 20th. The session was attended by more than 50 representatives from various newspapers and Televisions. Introducing the event, the […]

Israel Bulldozes Palestinian Homes in Naqab

NAQAB, June 21, 2011 (WAFA) – Bulldozers of the Israeli Ministry of Interior, under police protection, Tuesday demolished Palestinian homes in several Arab villages unrecognized by the Israeli government in Naqab, in southern Israel. Three homes have been demolished so far, and Israeli army forces are roaming additional areas in […]

Israel: Dog sentenced to death by stoning

Israel, 20 June 2011: A Jerusalem rabbinical court recently sentenced a wandering dog to death by stoning. The cruel sentence stemmed from the suspicion that the spirit of a famous secular lawyer, who insulted the court’s judges 20 years ago, had been transferred into the dog’s body. Several weeks ago, […]