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Amtul Q Farhat

A Retired Asst Professor of Pediatrics currently working in Canada.

Is the world against us?

Op-ed: We tend to feel isolated, but recent events show Israel does have friends in the world Being alone is something that we Jews are used to. From our inception, we walked a different path as outsiders to the larger religious, cultural, and national identities. Our tradition taught that it […]

Poll: Young in Malaysia, Indonesia oppose polygamy

The vast majority of young Muslims in Indonesia and Malaysia appear to disapprove of the traditional acceptance of polygamy but remain reluctant to openly support interfaith marriages or premarital sex, a new survey shows. In the survey coordinated by two German-based cultural organizations, 86.5 percent of 1,496 Indonesians interviewed and 72.7 percent […]

Bad Borders, Good Neighbours

TODAY, as American, European, Russian and United Nations officials meet in Washington to discuss the future of the Middle East peace process, Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, remains adamant that a peace deal premised on returning to Israel’s pre-1967 borders poses an unacceptable risk to its security. He is right: […]

In praise of rightist Israel

A poll showing the strengthening of the “rightist-haredim” bloc was published here last weekend. According to the poll, under any circumstances we shall see the Likud leader elected for prime minister, and he would be able to choose a centrist or rightist coalition without having to contend with a hostile […]

Indonesia urged to repeal blasphemy laws

Indonesia has been urged to repeal its blasphemy laws and provide greater protection to religious minorities – including Christians and the Muslim Ahmadiyya sect – in order to safeguard its reputation as one of the world’s most progressive and tolerant Muslim-majority countries. “If extremists are allowed to continue to terrorise religious minorities with impunity, […]

Readers react to growth of Muslim population in Canada

Reaction at to Monday’s article on Muslim youth in Canada was swift, and divided. Many online commenters expressed fear about how growth in the Muslim population will change Canada. In response, Muslim readers went online to address misconceptions about how they reconcile their faith with their citizenship. In one exchange, […]

Fecal transplant can cure superbug, doctors say

More than 90 per cent of C. difficile patients are cured by fecal transplants, studies suggest A controversial new treatment, which involves the transplantation of human waste, can treat cases of C. difficile infection. But only a handful of physicians in Canada undertake the messy procedure. Clostridium difficile is a superbug that […]

Probiotics Boost Brain Health

LUBBOCK, Texas—New research conducted at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center reveals neurochemicals delivered directly to the gut via probiotic intestinal microbiota benefit brain health as well as digestive health. The research paper, published in the journal BioEssays, proposes a new field of microbial endocrinology where microbiology meets neuroscience. […]