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Amtul Q Farhat

A Retired Asst Professor of Pediatrics currently working in Canada.

Survey names Soeharto best president

Soeharto was named Indonesia’s best president by a plurality of respondents, according to a survey released on Sunday. According to the Indo Barometer survey, 40.9 percent of respondents agreed that Indonesia was better off under Soeharto’s New Order than under former president Sukarno or the current reform era. “This is […]

Clashes on ‘Nakba’ Day

Palestinians clashed with Israeli security forces in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza Strip in “Nakba Day” protests, while police are investigating whether a fatal traffic accident in Tel Aviv was a deliberate attack. The violence occurred on the anniversary of what Palestinians call the Nakba, or catastrophe, referring to […]

Terrorists and media

Terrorism in the media: More than just code of ethics Terrorists are also celebrities. The media popularizes them. Through TV we witness how the “hunted” and the “hunter” often sit side by side in talk shows. This fact reminds us of Erving Goffman’s book The Presentation of Self in Everyday […]

Wildcat train strike strands thousands

Train service was shut down nationwide yesterday when railroad workers called a wildcat strike after 10 of their colleagues, including the railway union’s top officials, were arrested during a demonstration Wednesday evening that turned violent. Service was halted at midnight and resumed only at 2 P.M. yesterday. The effects were […]

Conclusions of Jakarta ASEAN Summit

The two-day 18th ASEAN Summit concluded here Sunday with the release of the Chair’s Statement on ASEAN Community-building, the implementation of ASEAN Charter and other issues. JOINT EFFORTS FOR COMMUNITY-BUILDING The leaders agreed and adopted three joint statements on “ASEAN Community in a Global Community of Nations”, “Establishment of the […]