Universal Declaration of Human Rights: what are your questions?

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The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 75 this year. In a new series, we find out why this historic document is so important for the development of democracies, and ask how universal it really is.

What does the Declaration mean to you? What would you like to know about it? Let us know below.

Click on the article below for a look at some key figures and key moments in the adoption of the Declaration:


UN Declaration of Human Rights – the threshold of a great eventThis content was published on Mar 6, 2023The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the UN on December 10, 1948, has been described as a “miraculous text”.

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RAFIQ TSCHANNEN2023-05-25 03:15

In his book ‘Islam and Human Rights’, Sir Mohammad Zafrullah Khan, President of the UN General Assembly 1963, writes how Islam brought forward Huan Rights more than 1400 years ago. See https://www.alislam.org/book/islam-human-rights/

source https://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/universal-declaration-of-human-rights–what-are-your-questions-/48519926

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