Video of the Ahmadiyya Congregation in Semarang Holds a Blood Donor Community Declaration

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Author: iwan Arifianto | Editor: Video Editor Team

TRIBUNJATENG.COM, SEMARANG – The following is a video of the Ahmadiyah congregation in Semarang holding a blood donor community declaration.

The Indonesian Ahmadiyya Congregation (JAI) Semarang is committed to continuing to supply blood stock at PMI by donating blood.

This commitment was demonstrated by making a declaration in the form of a joint signature at the Nusrat Jahan mosque, Pleburan, South Semarang, Wednesday (29/3/2023) evening.

“This activity is a form of Ahmadiyya Indonesia’s concern for humanity because in the month of Ramadan like this it is rare for people to donate blood on the grounds that they may be afraid to break their fast and so on,” said the Missionary of JAI Central Java region 3 in Semarang, Saiful Ahmad Faruq.

The establishment of a blood donor community by JAI Semarang is a central Ahmadiyya program which is carried out simultaneously in several areas.

The simultaneous raising of blood donors was driven from conditions during the month of Ramadan, awareness for blood donors in Indonesia was not yet comparable to the need for blood stocks.

“So this activity is to trigger other residents to equally bear our humanitarian burden, especially the need for our blood,” he explained. 

He said the family of the JAI Semarang blood donor community had been active for decades.

Every donor that is done every two months is followed by 20 people.

“There are even our members who have donated blood nearly 100 times. Now there are only 93,” he explained.

JAI Indonesia’s progress in terms of blood donation is quite classy. 

They are the number one blood donors from the religious community. 

“This has been recognized by central PMI, Ahmadiyah as a religious community that routinely donates blood,” he explained.

Member of Ahmadiyya Semarang, Ahmad Kuntara (54) said that he had donated blood 93 times.

“The benefits can certainly help people, for a healthy body so that they are fitter
even though they are 50 years old,” he explained. (Iwn)

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Author: iwan Arifianto | Editor: Video Editor Team


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