Get to know the Line organization that allegedly took off the Church’s label in the Cianjur Refugee Tents

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Get to know the Line organization that allegedly took off the Church's label in the Cianjur Refugee Tents

Chep Hernawan is the founder of the GARIS organization. Photo: Net

SABANGMERAUKE NEWS – The Islamic Reformist Movement Organization (Garis) drew attention after circulating a video of the removal of the church’s label in the Cianjur earthquake victim evacuation tent, West Java.

The police confirmed that the person who removed the label from the Indonesian Reformed Bible Church Charity Action Team was part of the Garis mass organization.

The action to remove the church label took place in four evacuation areas, namely in Cibulakan Village, Genjot Village, Telaga Village and Sarampad Village.

History of Line Organizations

The formation of Garis was initiated by Cecep or Chep Hernawan on June 24 1998 or just a few weeks after the collapse of the Soeharto regime which marked the beginning of reform.

Garis is a radical Islamic mass organization founded in Cianjur. It was also stated that Garis claims to have tens of thousands of members. As many as 28 thousand of them are in Cianjur, which is the center of this movement which is also the residence of Chep Hernawan as its founder, another 5 thousand are in Sukabumi, and thousands or hundreds in a number of other areas in West Java which are the basis of this movement.

The purpose of the formation of Garis, according to Chep Hernawan, is to enforce Islamic law in Indonesia. Chep is the eldest son of Ahmad Syafe’i alias Haji Dapet who was involved in the Tanjung Priok riots in 1984. Chep was determined to continue the line of jihad that his father had carried out.

Lines have carried out many aggressions and have raised their name as one of the radical groups in West Java. On 4 December 2010, for example, Garis disbanded the Ahmadiyah Mukernas which was held at the Setia Hotel, Cipanas, Cianjur. 

Previously, on September 19 2005, hundreds of GARIS members and sympathizers attacked four villages in Cianjur which were suspected to be Ahmadiyya bases, namely Panyairan, Cicakra, Neglasari and Ciparay. Around 43 houses, four mosques, three madrassas, five stalls, and a chicken coop were destroyed. 

In addition, under the command of Chep Hernawan, Garis frequently carried out sweeps of nightlife venues in Cianjur, including stalls selling liquor. 


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