Migrants crossing English Channel face asylum ban


 OCT 04, 2022 – DAILY SABAH

Royal National Lifeboat Institution shore crew help migrants disembark after being rescued in the English Channel, at Dungeness, Britain, Sept. 22, 2022. (EPA Photo)

Royal National Lifeboat Institution shore crew help migrants disembark after being rescued in the English Channel, at Dungeness, Britain, Sept. 22, 2022. (EPA Photo)

Migrants who cross the English Channel to reach Britain will be banned from claiming asylum under plans announced by the country’s new home secretary on Tuesday.

At the Conservative Party conference, Suella Braverman used her first major speech since taking on the role to set out the proposals.

The new laws – which go further than the Nationality and Borders Act which came into force in June – will impose a blanket ban on anyone deemed entering the U.K. illegally from seeking refuge.

The announcement marks the latest attempt by the government to curb the growing numbers of channel crossings after its flagship policy to send migrants on a one-way trip to Rwanda stalled amid legal challenges.

So far this year more than 33,500 people have arrived in Britain after making the journey from France.

Braverman told the conference in Birmingham: “We have got to stop the boats crossing the Channel. This has gone on far too long.

“But I have to be straight with you: there are no quick fixes and the problem is chronic.”

She said the law “simply isn’t working” and legislation was being “abused” by people smugglers, people making “multiple, meritless and last-minute claims” and – taking aim at lawyers – by “specialist small boat-chasing law firms,” adding: “This cannot continue.”

“I will commit to you today that I will look to bring forward legislation to make it clear that the only route to the United Kingdom is through a safe and legal route … So if you deliberately enter the United Kingdom illegally from a safe country, you should be swiftly returned to your home country or relocated to Rwanda. That is where your asylum claim will be considered.”

Campaigners condemned the plan as further “attacks” on “genuine refugees” and branded them a “blatant breach” of Britain’s international obligations under the Refugee Convention.

Clare Mosley, founder of refugee charity Care4Calais, said the proposal was “barbaric and unnecessary” while claiming the government’s rhetoric on channel crossings was “simply false.”

“There is a mountain of evidence that the vast majority are genuine refugees; this criminalisation of them is blatant victim blaming of incredibly vulnerable people, simply for the purpose of grabbing headlines.

“Those who have escaped from the worst horrors in this world should not be risking their lives once again simply to claim asylum in the U.K. The obvious answer is to give them safe passage. This would break the model of people smugglers and save lives.

“If this Government truly wanted to stop small boat crossings, it would offer safe passage to those who have a viable claim for asylum.”

Refugee Action chief executive Tim Naor Hilton said: “It is now clear that this home secretary cares only for keeping people out, not keeping them safe. Banning those crossing the Channel from claiming asylum is a blatant breach of the international refugee laws that the UK proudly helped create in the first place.”

Steve Valdez-Symonds, Amnesty International U.K.’s refugee and migrant rights director, warned that declaring the country an “asylum-free zone would make the U.K. a beacon for illegality” and that the government’s behaviour was “doing serious damage to the U.K.’s international reputation.”

Steve Crawshaw, director of policy and advocacy at Freedom from Torture, said the “inhumane plans clearly undermine international rules introduced after the Holocaust that ensure no-one fleeing persecution is refused protection because of how they arrive in a country.”

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