Approaching the West (book review)

by Mubasher Ahmad, M.A., LLB

A vital issue confronting the Muslim world today is the lack of unity brought about in large part by the absence of any continued and significant leadership. The refusal of the majority of Muslims to recognize that concept of Khilafat (successor-ship) could cater to their needs is at the core of their current struggle. The institution of Khilafat was foretold by God and provided by Him to the God-fearing. Islam is a living religion sent for all people for all times; its blessings, including the blessings of Khilafat, are not limited to and specific period.

In this comprehensive study of the institution of Khilafat since its inception, its meaning for modern man and its inextricable link to prophethood Mubasher Ahmad has provided valuable insight as well as solution to the problem facing the Muslim world.

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