If you have any tears left, save them to mourn the Palestinians

Mar 29,2022 – JORDAN TIMES / Ramzi Odah

It is clear that Israel, the occupying power, is no longer able to ignore the explicit call for apartheid and racism of “Moshe Hess”, “Jibotinsky” and many other thinkers’ ideas of the first generation of the Zionist movement. On the contrary, a new generation of pillars of the occupying state began to openly practice apartheid and discrimination. I am not talking here only about the Israeli Knesset’s enactment of the Jewish National Law in 2018, which legalises and legitimises racial discrimination in the occupying state, but I am also talking about the policy of persecution and abuse of the Palestinian people, which is mainly based on the idea of the alleged superiority of the Jewish people and the alleged inferiority of the Palestinian people.

Indeed, it is a policy whose pillars are based on discrimination and racism, and therefore, we can say that a new generation of new Zionism has begun to take hold in Israeli society. Zionism is not based on the search for harmonisation with international values such as justice, equality and freedom, but rather is mainly based on their showdown and confrontation, considering that any international values that do not guarantee the security of Israel and the superiority of its people is a form of anti-Semitism! And it has become clear that “anti-Palestinianisation” with all the meanings that this concept implies has become significant in the new Zionism favouring the Semites.

Necessarily, according to this vision, the whole world should support Zionism in its racism and its abuses towards the Palestinians so that they do not classify themselves in a position of anti-Semitism. Not only that, but the world must also continue to mourn the victims of the Holocaust and hold back its tears at the abuses of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people, including women and children. With this sentence, several years ago, Norman Flinckstein, the Jewish-American doctor at a symposium at the University of Waterloo, stopped the speech of an angry and crying young Zionist woman accusing her of taking sides with the Palestinians and forgetting the victims of the Holocaust!

Unfortunately, so far the civilised world has not been able to stop the occupation’s racist practices towards the Palestinian people. This civilised world did not move a finger when it saw the occupation arresting children and harassing them, as it did recently when it detained two children at Isawiya! This civilised world could not put an end to the arrest of the child, Ahmed Manasra, after more than six years of his arrest, despite the fact that he suffers from serious psychological problems which reached schizophrenia as a result of his inhuman interrogation by the intelligence services of the occupation and consequently of the policy of forced isolation practiced to this child!

The civilised world has been unable to condemn the occupation for killing a wounded Palestinian boy in Jerusalem as a war crime.

In fact, it seems that this civilised world has either run out of tears for the victims of the Holocaust, and therefore has become unable to mourn for the victims of the Palestinian people, or cannot mourn more than one humanitarian situation at the same time, while it is concerned to mourn the victims of the Ukrainian crisis.

Ramzi Odah is director of research unit at the Palestinian Institute for National Security Research. Article translated by Basma Babay, director of researches in immuno-physiopathology and molecular genetics, Tunisia

source http://jordantimes.com/opinion/ramzi-odah/if-you-have-any-tears-left-save-them-mourn-palestinians

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