Indifference to Ukrainian suffering could prove costly for Israel

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Richard Silverstein writes the Tikun Olam blog, devoted to exposing the excesses of the Israeli national security state.

Source: Al Jazeera

By Richard Silverstein, who writes the Tikun Olam blog, devoted to exposing the excesses of the Israeli national security state.

Bennett government’s fumbled response to Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine betrays Jewish history and draws attention to Israel’s similarly odious actions.

Since the start of Russia’s all-out invasion of Ukraine, many Israelis have been passionately protesting against the aggression, and demanding their leaders do more to help Ukrainians.

Indeed, according to a poll conducted by Direct Polls LTD in early March, 76 percent of Israelis support the Ukrainians, while only 10 percent favour the Russians in this ongoing conflict. While the same poll showed that half of the Israeli population supports the government’s decision to remain neutral, there is still widespread disappointment over how this policy of neutrality has been implemented.


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Indeed, the Israeli government’s response to the invasion has been all over the place since the very beginning.

In order to avoid angering Russia, Israel rejected a US request that it co-sponsor a February 25 United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Russia’s invasion, which spurred a Biden administration protest. A week later, however, when it became clear that an overwhelming majority of the world’s nations are willing to condemn Russia’s aggression, it turned around and voted for a similar resolution at the UN General Assembly.

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