Clare Daly an Irish MEP: Afghani Blood is As Holy As Ukranian


Every human life is precious and sacred and killing an innocent is like triggering a genocide. (Al Quran 5:32/33)

Suggested Reading by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

Clare Daly is of course with Hijab, but she has provided the best commentary of the above quoted verse as epigraph, as she has spoken truth to the super power, Jihad Akbar, while describing the first and most basic human right, right to life.

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Clare Daly (born 16 April 1968) is an Irish politician who has been a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from Ireland for the Dublin constituency since July 2019. She is a member of Independents 4 Change, part of The Left in the European Parliament – GUE/NGL.

In the 1980s Daly was a member of the Labour Party as a teenager but was expelled alongside other members after being accused of being Trotskyists infiltrating the party using the tactic of entryism. She was subsequently a founding member of “Militant Labour”, later known as the Socialist Party. In 1999 she became a Fingal County Councillor, a position she held for 12 years. Daly was elected as a Socialist Party TD for the Dublin North constituency at the 2011 general election.[1] She resigned from the Socialist Party in August 2012, redesignating herself as a United Left Alliance TD,[2] before switching party again in 2015 to her current party Independents 4 Change. Since 2012, Daly has formed a close political association with Mick Wallace, serving with Wallace in both the Dáil and the European Parliament.[3]

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    Markah watches in tears.

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    Space has to be made in an already full intensive care unit for little Jalil. A doctor carries him there in his arms, as a nurse follows holding up the bottles of fluid and medicines that are being injected into his body through multiple tubes.

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