Iranian ambassador to UK removed from post over hijab incident

Mohsen Baharvand took up his London posting last July after a change in leadership of the Iranian foreign ministry. Photograph: Atta Kenare/AFP/Getty Images

Source: The Guardian

By Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor

Mohsen Baharvand ordered back to Tehran after video shows some women with heads uncovered at embassy reception

The Iranian ambassador to the UK has been ordered back to Tehran and is to be removed from his post after a video circulated showing an embassy reception at which some women did not have their heads covered.

News of Mohsen Baharvand’s return to Tehran was reported by the ILNA news agency in Iran.

At the event commemorating the 43rd Iranian Revolution, a woman playing a piano alongside a violinist was not wearing a hijab. Another video of the event showed a more conventional gathering at which speeches were given.

An Iranian in London tweeted a video of the event, attended largely by diplomats, asking whether the party would “with the presence of these people have the slightest benefit for the Iranian people?”. He later tweeted: “It is gratifying that our voice was heard in Iran. Please send an ambassador to London who is pragmatic and worthy of serving Iran and working only for the benefit of the Iranian people.”

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