Christian television network founder and preacher Marcus Lamb, who discouraged vaccinations, dies after being hospitalized for Covid-19

Lamb and his wife Joni founded Bedford-based Daystar Television in 1997. It now reaches a global audience of 680 million households.

(CNN Business) Prominent Christian televangelist and anti-vaccine advocate Marcus Lamb died after being hospitalized with Covid-19, his family announced Tuesday.

Lamb founded Christian television network Daystar Television Network in 1997.His wife Joni Lamb, announced the televangelist’s death on Daystar’s program streamed to Facebook Tuesday. She said her husband had diabetes but was healthy and was hospitalized after being diagnosed with Covid-19.

“He never talked about that, but he had diabetes, but he kept it in check. He was very healthy, he ate healthy, he kept his weight down, and always kept his sugar at a good level. But with trying to treat Covid and the pneumonia, the different protocols that are used, including many of the protocols we talked about here on Daystar, and we used those, and I used them and breezed through Covid.

It caused his blood sugar to spike and just a decrease in his oxygen and that’s why he went to the hospital, so he could have oxygen,” Joni Lamb said. “He 100% believed in everything that we’ve talked about here on Daystar and helping so many people around the world with early protocol treatments for Covid. We still stand by that, obviously.”

Joni Lamb said her husband’s “heart just gave out.”Marcus Lamb often spoke out against the Covid-19 vaccines on his show. In an episode earlier this year featuring anti-vaccine activists Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Del Bigtree, Lamb said the Covid-19 vaccine was “not really a vaccine,” but an “an experimental shot” that was “dangerous. Marcus Lamb alleged that people were dying or having neurological disorders from the vaccine.

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