Video: Influence of Christian Churches on Germany’s Life

Islam and Germany

A collection of four inter-related articles bringing out a new political, social, religious and historic reality.  “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” according to Aristotle. Collected by Zia H […]

Islam in Germany and France: A Collection of Articles

Epigraph: He (Allah) it is Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad), with guidance and the Religion of truth, that He may make it prevail over all other religions. And sufficient […]

Islam and Muslims in UK, Germany and France

Epigraph: Indeed, Allah enjoins justice, and the doing of good to others; and giving like kindred; and forbids indecency, and manifest evil, and wrongful transgression. He admonished you that you may […]

France and Germany search for solutions to Islamist challenge

Source: Religion News Service By Tom Heneghan PARIS (RNS) Violent Islamist attacks in France and Germany have piled pressure on the two governments to search for new ways to confront […]

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