The Ringleader of the Sealing of Ahmadiyya Mosque Depok: SKB 3 Minister

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By: Alfian Putra Abdi – 26 October 2021

SKB 3 Minister is considered to be the culprit for the sealing of the Ahmadiyya Mosque in Depok. Parapped with Perwali Depok and Pergub Jabar. –

Jemaah Ahmadiyya Indonesia Mosque (JAI) in Sawangan Baru Village, Sawangan Subdistrict, Depok City, was sealed by the local city government on October 22, 2021. Head of Regional Enforcement Of Satpol PP Depok Taufiqurakhman explained, the sealing is only a substitute for seal marks that have faded. The sign in the form of an iron saddle, has been a sign of the sealing of Al-Hidayah Mosque since 2017. “In addition to being replaced, we slide the installation of a saddle to the middle of the gate. To be sure, there is no activity,” Taufiq told reporters on October 22, 2021.

The chief of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at Indonesia, Abdul Hafidz, confirmed that there had been an update of the seal mark. “Just a seal update. There is no change in substance,” Hafidz told reporter Tirto, Monday (10/25/2021). JAI in Indonesia has existed since the 1990 era in Depok City. Their lives were peaceful and their religious activities were normal, before finally the issuance of a Joint Decree of the Minister of Religious Affairs, Attorney General, and Minister of Home Affairs Number Kep-033/A/JA/6/2008 on Warnings and Orders to Adherents, members, and/or Members of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at Indonesia and Citizens in 2008.

After the issuance of skb 3 minister, they began to be prevented from worshiping. Initially their mosque was sealed using beams placed on the door of the mosque. When the Depok City Government issued Mayor Regulation No. 9 of 2011, followed by the issuance of The Depok Mayor’s Warrant No. 300/130 1-SatPolPP on February 22, 2017, since then their mosque began to be fitted with seals.

The issuance of West Java Governor Regulation No. 12 of 2011 became an additional factor in JAI’s difficulty in worship. Read also: Depok City Government Re-Seals Ahmadiyya Mosque After Friday Prayers This sealing made the Ahmadiyya Community disappointed and feel aggrieved. They refer to skb 3 minister and there is no clause sealing the mosque. In SKB 3 the Minister only emphasized that JAI is prohibited from spreading its teachings, otherwise it will be sanctioned.

Skb 3 Minister also asked the public to maintain peace and not do anything against the law against JAI. “We as the aggrieved party have the right to worship. We object to this. Unless we go out,” Hafidz said. After their mosque was sealed by the Depok City Government, the Ahmadiyya Community used the terrace outside the mosque to carry out religious activities: prayer and preaching.

Jokowi Urged to Revoke Skb 3 Minister Secretary of Yayasan Satu Keadilan (YSK) Syamsul Alam Agus as a companion of JAI Depok City assessed the regulation of Perwali Depok 9/2011 has the potential to trigger conflict between citizens. Moreover, in the installation of the new seal last Friday, Satpol PP included a group of community organizations ording against the presence of JAI. This confirms the Depok City Government is intolerant. Therefore, YSK urges the Depok City Government to evaluate Perwali 9/2011.

“The attitude of the Mayor of Depok who is reluctant to validate the policy towards the Ahmadiyya Jama’at Indonesia in Depok has confirmed the Depok City Government submits and perpetuates the practice of intolerance,” said Syamsul Alam Agus in a written statement on Monday (10/25/2021). YSK also requested for President Joko Widodo to instruct the Minister of Trade, Attorney General, and Minister of Home Affairs to evaluate the Decree 3 minister in 2008. Because the regulation has become the basis of all destructive actions against JAI.

“To realize tolerance in one city, it is important that a strong government commitment is reflected ranging from policy, implementation to support for a culture of harmony and mutual respect for differences and human rights among its citizens,” he said. Also read: Tni Commander Candidate Exchange: Cases of Army Violence become Big PR Ahmadiyya Jama’at Sintang After Attack: Feeling Insecure Commissioner of Komnas HAM Beka Ulung Hapsara also suggested a thorough evaluation of skb 3 minister. Because there has been a misunderstanding of the substance. This has an impact on the potential for wrongful law enforcement.

Restrictions are not prohibitions, Beka said. And JAI should still be able to worship limited in their environment. “SKB 3 ministers target all parties including the state apparatus. Anyone who commits a violation of the law must be prosecuted. It should be evaluated the total implementation plus the substance. The main responsibility, is in the ministry / institution that signed the DECREE,” Beka told reporter Tirto, Monday (10/25/2021).

The same was stated by The Director of Research Setara Institute Halili Hasan. He urged West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil and Depok Mayor M. Idris to repeal discriminatory policies on Ahmadiyyat. He reminded that the policy is unconstitutional and contrary to skb 3 minister in 2008. Referring to the LONGITUDINAL DATA of Freedom of Religion /Belief (KBB) SETARA Institute, in the last five years alone, JAI was the victim of KBB violations in 54 events and 83 actions.

They also called on the National Police to protect citizens and safeguard Ahmadiyya property throughout Indonesia. SETARA Institute does not want Depok incidents such as the Ketapang incident, West Nusa Tenggara in 2006. At that time, the Ahmadiyya Jama’at was persecuted, objected to violence, their homes looted and burned by citizens, and then expelled from their homes.

“Skb 3 the Minister ‘only’ warns that JAI does not violate the PNPS Law 1965 and stop activities that are not in accordance with the interpretation of Islam,” Halili said. Also read: Behind the Barrage of Arrogance satpol PP during the Emergency PPKM Period Behind the Arrogance & Silliness of police in the era of Police Chief Sigit Ministry of Home Affairs Response Responding to the sealing that is not regulated in Decree 3 of the Minister, Director General of Community Guidance (Bimas) Islam ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag) Kamaruddin Amin assessed that it became the authority of the local government.

“Of course the mayor has considerations,” Kamaruddin Amin told reporter Tirto,Monday (10/25/2021). Regardless, for him, SKB 3 Minister is a moderate point to accommodate the interests of all parties. And until now the regulation is still relevant to solve the Ahmadiyya problem. According to him, if all parties both JAI and the community obey skb 3 minister, it will be maintained harmony. “The government and local government conduct the construction and supervision of the DECREE so that order and security can be maintained properly,” he said.

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