Mosque Sealed Satpol PP, Chairman of MUI Depok Asks Ahmadiyya Community to Repent Immediately

Andi Ahmad S Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Mosque Sealed Satpol PP, Chairman of MUI Depok Asks Ahmadiyya Community to Repent Immediately

Satpol PP Depok again sealed the Ahmadiyya Secretariat. ANTARA/HO-Satpol PP Depok – The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI)of Depok City firmly rejects the activities of Ahmadiyya community in Depok, West Java. The MUI has designated Ahmadiyyat as a misleading stream.

Chairman of MUI Depok, Ahmad Dimyati Badruzzaman said, Ahmadiyyat is considered heretical because it believes in the existence of prophets and apostles after prophet Muhammad SAW.

“The Islamic Creed places the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the last prophet and apostle,” Dimyati said when contacted, Wednesday (10/27/2021).

He supported the decision of the Depok City Government to update the seal board of the Ahmadiyya congregation mosque, Al Hidayah Mosque on Muchtar Highway, SawanganSubdistrict.

Dimyati assessed, the renewal of the mosque seal board needed to be done because it turned out that pilgrims remained active in the mosque.

With the renewal of the mosque’s seal board, he hopes that the Ahmadiyya community can completely end their activities.

Moreover, Dimyati also advocated that the Ahmadiyya community immediately repent.

“In order to maintain the Islamic faith, we hope that the Ahmadiyya community will realize and repent, then return to the true Islam,” he concluded.

Previously, Satpol PP Depok updated the seal board of ahmadiyya congregation’ mosque, Al Hidayah Mosque in Sawangan, Depok on Friday (10/22/2021)

The seal board was updated because the warnings on the old board had faded.


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