Ahmadiyya Khalifa delivers a faith-inspiring address from the Ahmadi Ladies marquee at UK Convention 2021

Posted on August 7th, 2021

By A. Abdul Aziz

On the second day of U.K. Convention (7th August), Ahmadiyya Khalifa Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad delivered an address for the Ahmadi Ladies, the gist of which as below:

Ahmadiyya Khalifa said:

Nowadays, such a notion of so-called freedom has taken hold in the name of enlightenment, which, rather than ensuring enlightenment, is in fact a means of pushing people further into the darkness. It is a superficial and shallow concept, that nobody has even cared to compare its real impact; its supposed benefits and harm. Aspects of this so-called freedom and enlightenment have more harm than benefits. It is being completely ignored that in the name of this so-called enlightenment and freedom, the future of posterity is being jeopardized, which is not only causing people to fall into the pits of darkness but also pushing their future generations into them. This so-called freedom is being extensively propagated and exploited through social media. It is being presented in a way that people seem to have given up their faculty of thinking, which would enable them to think as to what destruction they are calling upon themselves. When worldly people try to save themselves from evil, they fall into another evil, for their spiritual eyes are closed. Moreover, worldliness and a detachment from religion have pushed people so far away from religion, that they do not even wish to take religion into any consideration. 

As for the religion of Islam, generally, very harsh criticism is levelled against it. Islam is particularly targeted in this regard. The teaching of Islam is described as outdated, which does not have any room in this modern world. This is what is said about Islam. However, in fact, it is only the religion of Islam, that has teachings that stipulate the rights of everyone in the society. It gives guidance on freedom as well as its bounds and limits. It also guides us as to how there can be a balance between the two.

Today, I would like to mention certain things with regard to women. Generally, an allegation is raised against Islam that it does not give rights to women. This criticism is unfounded and stems from ignorance of the teachings of Islam. 

The most fundamental Islamic principle with regards to rights is that one should not merely emphasize gaining more rights. Rather one should also pay full attention to fulfilling the rights owed to others in order to establish an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in society and everyone should also fulfil their respective obligations. Where on the one hand, Islam explains the rights of everyone, on the other hand, it also expounds everyone’s responsibilities. Islam does not only tell women that they should attain their rights, but it also warns them with regards to realizing their status and safeguarding themselves from all evil. The Islamic teaching with regards to rights is such that it cannot be matched by any other religious teaching or worldly law. 

Ahmadiyya Khalifa then outlined the Islamic teachings on marriage in Islam, on the rights owed to the family, on the just and kind treatment of women and the equal spiritual rewards for women in Islam. 

Source: Al Hakam.

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