Did Adam Start Out in Paradise? As in THE Paradise?

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Author: Anonymous

It should be understood that none of the notes or arguments I present are of my own making and most are a translation, summary, and/or gist of writings of various holy people. And all real arguments originate from God through His Word: the Quran. So is the case here where I present my arguments as rough translation of a passage found in Tafseer-e-Kabeer.

The verse [2:31] “… I am about to place a vicegerent in the earth …” proves that Hazrat Adam was born to this world. The view that he was created in that Paradise that humans are to enjoy after death is wrong. It is strange that while Allah states that He is going to create a Khalifa on the Earth but some say that Hazrat Adam was kept in Jannat (paradise جَـنَّةَ).And the Quran clearly states that in the paradise of afterlife that [52:24] “There they will pass from one to another a cup wherein is neither levity nor sin.” Meaning that they would be free of error but in the paradise of Adam Satan entered and made Adam commit a deed that was against God’s orders.And in the Quran it is stated about the paradise of afterlife that [15:49] “Fatigue shall not touch them there, nor shall they ever be ejected therefrom.” but Adam was ejected from his paradise.And in the Quran it is stated that [41:32]”… therein you will have all that you will ask for” but in the paradise ofAdam, he was expelled for fulfilling his desire to go near the tree.

And for the paradise of the afterlife those entering it will say [39:75] “… making our abode in the Garden wherever we please.” … but regarding the paradise of Adam it is said [2:36] “… but approach not this tree, lest you be of the wrongdoers.” forbidding him to go wherever he pleased. To summarize, the Quranic sketch of the paradise of the hereafter is very different to that of the paradise of Adam.

And the use of the word Jannah (literally meaning Garden) to name Adam’s residence (2:35) should not confuse people into thinking he was in the paradise of the afterlife. The same word has been used several times in the Quran not to mean the paradise of the afterlife (25:9; 17:92; 18:35).

So the conclusion of three posts Adam was the first representative (caliph) of God on Earth and nowhere does the Quran claim he was the first human being. Nor that he lived in the paradise of the afterlife. Nor that we did not evolve into the best beings from worse beings. Rather, the Quran supports our evolution and that many a human existed at the time of Adam. The Quran states our creation from salsaalin-kal-fakhkhaar. And I completely fail to understand how any honest-minded individual could continue to reject the truth of this book that is the Holy Quran: the real Word of God and the religion that is Islam.


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