Why I refuse to pay my full German taxes – Dr. Juergen Todenhoefer

Jürgen Todenhöfer Vorsitzender der Partei Team Todenhöfer, Publizist, ehemaliger Bundestagsabgeordneter, Medienmanager

Dr. Juergen Todenhoefer

Jürgen Todenhöfer


To the members of our federal government that is joyful for war! I refuse to contribute to the financing of your disgracefully lost, dishonest and bloody Afghanistan war.

You have not faked any of your people, allegedly such noble war goals.I will therefore deduct 10.000 EURO from my income tax advance payment for the 2. th quarter of 2021 due on 10. 06. 21 I’ll give the money that saved to the ′′ Afghan Women’s Association ′′ in Afghanistan.

I already transferred the money today. The Federal Government and the German Bundestag have still justified the deployment of the German army to Afghanistan with false truths. They said – including in the German Bundestag – that they wanted to allow the Afghan girls to go back to school by disempowerment of Taliban. Also they wanted to build wells.

They systematically conceal the true goal of their alliance partner USA to expand Afghanistan into a central geostrategic base against Russia, China, India and Iran.

According to IPPNW, the war already cost more than 200.000 Afghan civilians and 53 German soldiers. The true number of civilians killed should be much higher by now. German officers, like the infamous colonel Klein, have committed the most brutal bomb massacre in Afghanistan. Klein was then cynically promoted to general, although he had tried to justify his bombing order with lies after his act. Truthfully, he claimed that he was under ′′ enemy touch

The war was miserably lost despite the high military superiority of NATO. Taliban are stronger today than before the war. Moreover, Afghanistan now has far more terrorists than before the war. From Al Qaeda to ISIS.All this was funded with my taxes too. Against my will, repeatedly, publicly stated. I morally rejected this war. I never allowed you to kill innocent people with my money. I want nothing to do with your wars. I now draw concrete conclusions from this

.My protest is specifically not against our tax authorities, for whom I have great respect. They are one of the best in the world. They have been cheated on as much as all of us. Including our soldiers.My protest is against our politicians warmongers. Against those who trample the peace commandment of our basic law on a daily basis. With the hypocritical argument that they should ′′ take responsibility “. by killing women, men and children – what a pathetic moral!

You yourself have never been to a fought war zone or a war hospital where the victims of your wars lie and suffer. You are not brave, you are cowardly.If my tax reduction violates German tax penalties, it will not stop me from my decision. The obligation of the preamble to our basic law to ′′ serve the peace of the world ′′ is of higher importance to me.

Gandhi went to prison several times for his nonviolent opposition to the wrongdoers of the governed, 8 years in total. I don’t plan on doing this though. I love the freedom.Years ago, I paid 1 million to the victims of Colonel Klein and our federal government – the children of Kunduz and other Afghan war victims – in Afghanistan. Euro built an orphanage. We finance the children there a highly qualified education. I want to show the children of Afghanistan that this war is not carried by the entirety of the German population. Like me, our population rejects your wars by a large majority.You love war we love peace Your Jürgen Todenhöfer

source Jürgen Todenhöfer | Facebook

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