India surpasses 200,000 Covid deaths amid surge

Source: BBC

  1. India has seen more Covid cases in the last seven days than any other country
  2. A ferocious second wave has seen the official death toll surpass 200,000 – experts believe the actual number may be higher
  3. People have died waiting for beds, as oxygen supplies run low and hospitals crumble under the strain
  4. From today all adults over 18 can sign up for Covid vaccines – only 1.6% of India’s population is fully vaccinated
  5. US President Joe Biden says he intends to send vaccines to India
  6. The BBC is bringing you a special day of coverage across TV, radio and digital on India’s crisis
  7. We’re following families as they search for oxygen for loved ones, and getting updates from areas likely to be hit hardest next

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  1. New Delhi (CNN)As India continues to grapple with an unrelenting second wave of Covid-19, some neighboring countries in South Asia are seeing their own surges in case numbers, prompting border closures and travel bans.

    India is now reporting approximately 1 million new coronavirus cases every three days, with the daily death toll exceeding 3,293 on Wednesday, according to data from the Indian Ministry of Health.

    The outbreak has pushed the country’s healthcare system to near breaking point. With no space left in hospitals, patients are being left to die at home, in ambulances and outside clinics. Even those who are given a bed remain in danger, with hospitals running out of oxygen and asking patients’ families to bring their own.

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