Another Ahmadi Mosque vandalized in Pakistan

Is this the way to celebrate Ramadhan in Pakistan?!!!

With help of law enforcement, extremist sunni group vandalized an Ahmadi Mosque In Chak 604 near Muzaffargarh today. The domes/minarets were demolished.

This is the 2nd Ahmadi Mosque attacked this Ramadan. You can see policeman with these bigots in this pic.Does this happen in any whr across world😪😪Raise your voice against #AhmadiApartheid.

May be an image of standing and outdoors

2 replies

  1. The Ahmadi .Muslims had helped to build the country called Pakistan when the other .Muslim groups had lost hope in the creation of Pakistan and abandoned it,and unfortunately now the people of Pakistan have being creating problems and difficulties for the ahmadi’s heinous and barbaric to persecute the ahmadi Muslims for no any offence than they say they are Muslims and you want to force them to denounce their being Muslims which is impossible. Rethink to desist from all these unfortunate behaviors

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