Efforts to dislodge stranded Suez Canal container ship intensify as backlog grows

A boy watches a couple of tugboats trying to free the Ever Given on Friday.

Source: CNN

Around 9,000 tons of ballast water have been removed from the ship, Rabie said, with the dredging taking place during low tides while 14 tugs worked during high tides. Rescue teams managed to temporarily restart the rudder and propellers on Friday night before a low tide stalled their efforts, he said.In contrast to the pilot’s comment, Rabie outlined another scenario that would require them to lighten the ship load by removing containers, a time-consuming and painstaking process to which they “hopefully” would not have to resort.Around 321 ships are currently waiting to transit through the canal with no detours from inside the channel at this point, he said.Rabie said the reasons behind the accident remain unclear. “There are many factors or reasons, fast winds and the sandstorm could have been a reason but not the main reason — it could have been a technical mistake or human error,” he said. “There will be further investigations.”Rabie added that a number of countries including the United States, China, Greece and the United Arab Emirates had offered assistance in dislodging the ship.


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