China condemns Canada’s motion calling treatment of Uighurs genocide

BEIJING (Reuters) – China said on Tuesday that it condemned and rejected Canada’s parliament passing a non-binding motion saying China’s treatment of Uighurs is genocide.

China have lodged stern representations with Canada, the foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told a regular briefing.

Canada’s parliament passed a non-binding motion on Monday saying China’s treatment of the Uighur Muslim minority in the Xinjiang region constitutes genocide, putting pressure on Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to follow suit.


Categories: Islamophobia

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  1. ‘Xinjiang Files’, is a official document detailing the detentions of Uyghurs in internment camps for reasons including having too many children, growing a beard and applying for a passport. In September 20, the Swedish fashion brand H&M cancelled its purchases from a Chinese cotton supplier suspected of using forced Uyghur labor. Everyone in the world wrong only China is right.

    China has asked UN to come and visit Xinjiang. If UN will do a fair investigation truth will be in front of the world.

  2. If and when the UN does go to investigate they’ll find a stage set and a guided tour of places only China wants them to see.

    They will NOT be allowed to freely go and talk to whomever they want, I am sure.

    All of these dictatorships have that in common. And especially a country that does not believe in a higher authority (God), than their very human leadership (like pharoah), would be least bothered about the consequences of their ungodly actions!

    • If UN goes to Xinjiang international pressure is required for a fair investigation. Otherwise UN will also change statements how WHO has done and lost faith worldwide.

      What else proof we need recently China used its vaccine diplomacy to pressure Turkey to ratify a treat which would allow China to extradite Uyghurs living in exile in Turkey. Beijing had postponed its vaccine shipment to Turkey as a pressure tactic.

      • Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. China is using different means of blackmailing other countries that are critical of it and who subsequently become deaf, dumb and blind not to mention quit using their brains, against it!

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