Two Muslim women are stabbed under the Eiffel Tower by white female attackers shouting ‘Dirty Arabs’

Eiffel Tower the most well known landmark of France. The Muslim Times has the best collection to refute Islamophobia

Source: Mail online

  • French police have arrested two female suspects after suspected racist attacks
  • Two Muslim women were ‘stabbed repeatedly’ under the Eiffel Tower on Sunday
  • Paris Police have now confirmed that a suspected murder enquiry is ongoing
  • It follows killing of teacher who showed class cartoons of Prophet Mohammed 

French police have arrested two female suspects following the suspected racist attacks, which were allegedly accompanied by the words ‘Dirty Arabs’.

Those in custody are described as being white women of ‘European appearance’, who now face ‘attempted murder’ charges, said city prosecutors.

It follows the gruesome killing of 47-year-old teacher Samuel Paty last Friday by a refugee Islamist terrorist after cartoons lampooning the Prophet Mohammed were shown to a secondary school class on freedom of speech.

President Emmanuel Macron is working on a bill to address Islamic radicals, who authorities claim are creating a parallel society outside French values.

But members of France’s five million plus Muslim community have complained of ‘Islamophobia’ caused by a clampdown on mosques and Muslim organisations.

The victims of the attacks have been identified as French women from an Algerian background named only as Kenza, 49, and Amel, who is a few years younger.

Girl heard screaming after stabbing underneath Eiffel Tower

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  1. Let’s see how different the two terrorist attacks will be treated, both by the media and in the courts.

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