India lost Kashmir absolutely


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Friday prayers in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. © John Isaac

The mainstream Indian media is circulation a statement from a former Chief Minister of Indian Occupied Kashmir “Kashmiris don’t feel they are Indian, would prefer being ruled by China: Farooq Abdullah 24 Sep 2020.”

Farooq Abdullah is a famous Indian politician and chairman of the Jammu & Kashmir National Conference. He has functioned as the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir on numerous times since 1982, and as the union minister for New & Renewable Energy during period of  2009 and 2014.  His statement is considered a significant change in the public mindset in Kashmir.

As a matter of fact, the longest-ruling political party in India,”Congress party,” used few Kashmiri-Muslims by rewarding lucrative posts and political & economic incentives to represent Kashmir Muslims. Congress was getting all political objectives through their front men for almost Six-Decades. But the current-ruling party in Indian “BJP” is an extremist Hindu party and even has not used such pro-Indian Kashmiri-Muslims. Contrarily, the Modi-led Government has suppressed even pro-Indian Kashmiri-Muslims and kept them under house arrest or detention like Farooq Abdullah and Mehboobah Mufti, etc., Whereas the Freedom fighters were either killed or tortured or jailed like Yasim Malik, Burhan Wani, Syed Gilani, etc.

The right of self-determination was granted to the people of Kashmir by the United Nationa, and UNSC has passed resolutions. It is their legitimate right and legal binding n India. But Indian extremists are using accessive force to suppress their struggle. It is worth stating that Kashmir is the only state with an absolute Muslim Majority of up to 87%. India has deployed 900,000 well trained, well-equipped troops to control 8 million Kashmiris. Since 5thAgust 2019, Kashmir is under siege, and 8 million human lives are at stake. Indian brutalities and atrocities surpassed all records, resulting in hate against India. The more use of force, the more hostility against India will grow. Because of accessive use of Military force and draconian law, the Kashmir people have come to a stage that a Kashmir-Muslim Leader, who used to be a tool of the Indian Government to suppress Kashmir freedom struggle, is saying that Kashmir “Kashmiris don’t feel they are Indian, would prefer being ruled by China: Farooq Abdullah 24 Sep 2020”. It is the summit of hate and frustration.

In fact, India has lost any support in Kashmir. Ultimately, India has to leave Kashmir and will never win against the will of the Kashmiri people. Despite the heavy deployment of troops, India could not suppress or win over Kashmiri people during the last Seven-Decades; it should be well understood that India will never win over Kashmiri people. It will be better for India to leave Kashmir; the sooner, the better.

Even the people of Kashmir are so desperate and frustrated with India that they prefer to be ruled by China. It is the height of hate against India and a powerful message to the ruling elite in India. India is hijacked by extremists Hindus, like RSS, and India is no longer a democracy or a secular country. RSS Hindutuva has changed India an extremist Hindu state, where all non-Hindus, including Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, etc., have no place.

India has turned Kashmir a police state and a permanent war-zone. And the people of Kashmir have determined to keep their struggle till victory. India has been a violation of Human Rights to the extent that Amnesty International has closed down its office in India as a protest.

The UN, International Community, and big powers may intervene and resolve the Kashmir issue according to UNSC resolutions. UN peace-keeping force may move into Kashmir and implement UNSC resolutions passed in 1948. India kept on denying UNSC resolutions and dishonoring the UN charter, but time has reached where World must keep supremacy of UN and International law.

The criminal silence of the International Community may cost human lives and holocaust. Respect Humanity and rescue human lives!


Dr. Zia H Shah, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times and collector of the articles below

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8 replies

  1. Just wondering: If the Kashmiris would ever be able to choose, they would most likely choose independence, rather than joining Pakistan. (who would want to join that chaotic country?). If that would be the case would Pakistan willingly and happily permit the Pakistani part of Kashmir to join the independent Kashmir?

    • Why are the Kashmiri’s leadership talking about being ruled by somebody? And if they are choosing China over India, it’s like out of the frying pan into the fire! Can they not see what that country is doing to its Muslim population?!

      Very daft unthinking leadership!

      It’s better they talk about total Independence and yes, the Pakistani side joins them.

      • Once I met an ex Minister of Kashmir, I think in Qadian, (may be in New Dehli, can’t quite remember, it is quite soem time ago). I asked him whether he would like Kashmir to go to Pakistan. He said, ‘no, we want independence’. The next question was, ‘you Swiss, you have also a small country, where do you get your loans from’ ? Well, unfortunately, if you live on loans you are not really independent. You have to find ways to be truly independent !

  2. If muslims in other states of India are living happily along with their Hindu brothers, purchasing and selling properties, why they cannot do that in Kasmir? There was and is good relation between both these communities. Some politicians with vested interests are trickly with the help of some media are creating hate between them. If they are kept aloof, harmony will flow again between these communities.

  3. We Kashmiris are happy in Kashmir & feel proud to be part of India .Dr. Farooq Abdullah should know what China is doing with Uyghur Muslims after that he should give any statement. As per Dr. Abdullah Kashmir should be ruled by china but if china start ruling we Kashmiris will face the same atrocities just like the Uyghur Muslims are facing in China. After 5 Aug 2019 family rule ended in Kashmir. After the abrogation of Art. 370 brings immense empowerment to women. of Kashmir , first & foremost, women can now purchase real-estate & transfer property to children irrespective of where their spouse belong .We the people of Kashmir can now enjoy central schemes & laws just like all other citizens of the country. For decades, people were denied rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution. Previous govt. have looted the public money & made property for themselves worth billions outside India as well as inside India. Yasim Malik, Burhan Wani, Syed Gilani, etc. are not freedom fighters they are Pakistan sponsored terrorist’s which converted my Jannat (Kashmir) into hell & are responsible for destroying the future of Kashmir youth

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