Why Is Europe So Islamophobic?

The attacks don’t come from nowhere.

Source: The New York Times

By Narzanin Massoumi  a co-editor of the book “What Is Islamophobia?”


We live in a time of Islamophobia.

In February, two violent attacks on Muslims in Europe, one in Hanau in Germany, the other in London, took place within 24 hours of each other. Though the circumstances were different — the attacker in Hanau left a “manifesto” full of far-right conspiracy theories, while the motivations of the London attacker were less certain — the target was the same: Muslims.

The two events add to a growing list of violent attacks on Muslims across Europe. In 2018 alone, France saw an increase of 52 percent of Islamophobic incidents; in Austria there was a rise of approximately 74 percent, with 540 cases. The culmination of a decade of steadily increasing attacks on Muslims, such figures express a widespread antipathy to Islam. Forty-four percent of Germans, for example, see “a fundamental contradiction betweenIslam and German culture and values.” The figure for the same in Finland is a remarkable 62 percent; in Italy, it’s 53 percent. To be a Muslim in Europe is to be mistrusted, visible and vulnerable.

Across the Continent, Islamophobic organizations and individuals have been able to advance their agenda. Islamophobic street movements and political parties have become more popular. And their ideas have been incorporated into — and in some instances fed by — the machinery of the modern state, which surveils and supervises Muslims, casting them as threats to the life of the nation.

From the street to the state, Islamophobia is baked into European political life.

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7 replies

  1. Have you ever heard of a civilization that existed for a thousand then disappeared named Khazaria?

    If you’ve never heard of Khazaria located in a region close to Russia please research this topic.

  2. Quote— Why Is Europe So Islamophobic?—

    This is my view from Progressive Muslim.
    1. Before 9/11 -2001, we never heard Islamophobic. Every religion has the right to worship their faith and freedom to express publicly their region.

    2. We could see the radical Islamic preacher ( Anjem Choudary) wanted to establish Syariah law in London
    Watch vedio:

  3. In addition to ‘new happenings’ there is actually the old mentality in human nature, like the crusades. I have noticed, when I reached to Kosovo, that the divide between Catholic and Orthodox Europe is in a way unconciously alive. Similar the old crusader mentality is unconciously still alive.

  4. Somi always likes to expose the radical Muslims. ok, we have to. However, we have to promote the peaceful Muslims, the ones whose motto is ‘Love for all and hatred for none’. We condemn the militants and we love and promote the peaceful ones.

  5. Rafiq— it is not enough to condemn, but we have to take action. The action that we need to reform and to mark all violent verses in Al Quran with “ INVALID”.

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