Muslims as nationals in North America

Source: Daily Times

By Professor Mohammad A Qadeer

Muslims in North America have relatively recently settled in sizable numbers to form minority communities. Estimates of Muslims range from 3 to-7 million in the US, depending on the method of counting. Canada has more than a million Muslims. Being a minority in liberal, secular and democratic societies is a new experience for Muslims.

Besides being a minority, the global war on terrorism has stigmatised Muslims, fanning anti-Islam sentiments. These sentiments find expression in the surveillance of mosques and Islamic associations, Muslims being hassled on borders and increasingly denied entry into the US by the Trump administration. Mosques are occasionally targets of vandalism and murder. Internet trolls about Muslims’ conspiracies and the so-called threat that Islam poses roll through the social media. This is how Islamophobia bites a majority of Muslims.

Yet there is the other side of Muslims’ life in North America. Muslims express satisfaction with their life in America. The Pew Research Centre survey of Muslims in 2018 found that about 90% of Muslims in the US expressed pride in being Americans. Similarly, about 80% were satisfied with their lives.

Muslims generally do not encounter overt hostility in daily routines. They are found in all professions and places. There is even sympathy for them among liberal and progressive segments of society, upholding their rights as equal citizens. This paradox of satisfaction and anxiety defines their everyday life. The question is what can be done to neutralize anti-Muslim sentiment?

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2 replies

  1. Quote— The question is what can be done to neutralize anti-Muslim sentiment?
    Well, these steps should be done by Islamic scholars:

    1. Do not promote the Islamic labels in public place such as: wearing hijab, halal foods, Grocery Syariah, Bank Sysriah, Hotel Syariah, Restauran Halal, Insurance Syariah etc

    2. Do not attack the majority religion, their faith where you live: Christian countries, Hindu country, atheist country.
    For example: Ahmadiyyah often attack Christian faith.

    3. The most important is to mark all violent verses and hadis with “INVALID”. So the bad Muslim or terrorist cannot use the violent verses and hadith to justify their act of kiling Jews, Christian and unbeliever. ( Ahmadiyyah name all violent verses sent down at war time for defensive purpose)

    Hopefully Islamic scholars dare to act soon as possible to avoid killing innocent people.

    With love ❤️ do not delete it

    • We love our religion, we love our ladies who wear hijab, we love our halal food. Grow up and get used to it.

      We do not ‘attack’ the Christian faith. We explain ours and yes, it will be different to the Christian faith. Strangely we see Christians appreciating our approach, but not Somi.

      When we listen to and follow all books and articles on we are amazed by the excellent explanations and interpretations. Unfortunately Somi is stuck in his/her one tracked mind and does not want to study what we present.

      We always are against killing innocent people, who ever is doing it. I hope Somi notices.

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