Germany officially recognizes ‘InshAllah’ as Deutsch word

Source: Dunya News

The Arabic word ‘InshAllah’ has officially made it to the Germany’s most authoritative dictionary, the Duden.

According to Sputnik International, the new entry is spelled as “inschallah” in the dictionary. It currently appears in its digital version, and there has been no word on whether it will be published in print as well.

‘Inshallah’, as it is spelled in English, means ‘Allah willing’ or ‘if Allah wills’ and is used by Muslims when speaking of a future event.The Duden is the most authoritative and popular dictionary of German language; it has long been the prescriptive handbook for German grammar and spelling – Germany’s Merriam-Webster of sorts. It’s been issued since 1880 and is now in its 27th edition.

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