Islam belongs to Germany, former President Wulff says

wulff and Merkel

Christian Wulff with Angela Merkel

Source: Daily Sabah

Islam belongs to Germany just like Christianity and Judaism, Germany’s former President Christian Wulff said during a meeting at the Turkish-German Culture Association in the German city of Brühl on Saturday.

Considering escalating racism and xenophobia in the world he said that xenophobia was strongest in places where there were no foreigners. Stressing that in places where there were many foreigners, cooperation existed and while not always perfect, it was based on good relations.

Referring to a book with everyday stories about confrontations with foreigners he says that dialogue is essential to overcome differences. The people spreading racism stay in their social bubble, not wanting to meet with different-minded people so as to not challenge their prejudices.

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  1. A good contribution to promote compassion,hope other leaders in EU follow this wonderful step👏🏼🙏🇨🇦

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