Billionaire Bill Gates’ daughter to marry Muslim millionaire


Suggested reading: Interfaith Marriages.  Perhaps this helps minimize Islamophobia in the West, far more than speeches and articles

Source: Siasat

NEW DELHI: Bill Gates eldest daughter Jennifer Katharine Gates, has announced her engagement to Egyptian Muslim.

Katharine, 23, daughter of one of the richest personality in the world had been dating 28 years old Nayel Nassar who belongs to a millionaire family.

After long years of dating, the billionaire’s daughter has announced her engagement on social media.

Both Katharine and Nassar took to Instagram accounts to shared pictures of their heartwarming wintery proposal.

“Nayel Nassar, you are one of a kind,” Gates, wrote to her 203 thousand Instagram followers.

“Absolutely swept me off my feet this past weekend, surprising me in the most meaningful location over one of our many shared passions.”

I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives learning, growing, laughing and loving together. Yes a million times over,” she added.

Nassar too was not able to hide his excitement either SHE SAID YES!!” he wrote.

“I’m feeling like the luckiest (and happiest) man in the world right about now. Jenn, you are everything I could have possibly imagined… and so much more.”

Nassar born to an Egyptian Muslim family.

Nassar is a professional Egyptian horse rider and belongs to a financially strong family background. His family is involved in the architecture and design business in Kuwait.
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Both Katherine and Nassar, who attended Stanford University will be marrying each other by the next year.


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  1. This is not a relationship based on religion, that is incidental; he could have been Christian, Jew, or any other. What they do share is a common background of wealth and social standing. We don’t know whether religion is at all a factor for either of them. What we do know is that he has an Egyptian background and she is an American. I wish them well.

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