Pakistan police rescue Ahmadi family from mob attack, charge teenage son with blasphemy

Pakistan Police on Thursday filed charges against an Ahmadi teenager after rescuing him and his family from a mob of religious extremists.

The incident took place in the Phandu area of Peshawar where a mob of religious fanatics surrounded the Ahmadi family’s house in the early hours of Thursday.

According to local media, the incident started in the Hasht Nagar where a few local teenagers provoked a confrontation by putting up anti-Ahmadi posters and chanting religious slogans. When the Ahmadi family came out of their house hundreds of enraged people surrounded the house and tried to set it on fire. A video of the attack showed the mob chanting “Death to Ahmadis”.

Police officials said a large contingent of police was sent to the scene which rescued the five-member family and moved them to a safe location.

However, the police later charged the Ahmadi teenager with Blasphemy under Section 295-C: Use of derogatory remarks, etc, in respect of the Holy Prophet. According to the First Information Report filed by Police, the allegation of blasphemy was reported by 15-year-old Imran Ali.



2 replies

  1. Too good to be true. When I started reading the article I thought ‘well, that is a first, that the Pakistani Police helps an Ahmadi family’, but when continuing reading we see that the Pakistani police is still the same…

  2. If everyone started behaving this way due to each other’s unaccepted differences, there would be a huge chaos on eartg and hardly anyone would remain alive. Why don’t these people realize that God alone holds the right to punish the wrongdoers.

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