Alzheimer’s: ‘Promising’ blood test for early stage of disease

Source: BBC

A blood test could spot Alzheimer’s disease at the earliest stage and years before symptoms appear, studies in the US and Sweden suggest.

The test looks for tiny amounts of a protein which is elevated in people with the illness.

Investigators found measuring this protein, p-tau217, could predict Alzheimer’s dementia with 96% accuracy.

Experts say that with more research, it could be developed into a test doctors could offer to patients.

Currently, Alzheimer’s is diagnosed using a combination of memory tests and brain scans, once symptoms have already appeared.

The idea of a dementia blood test is not new, but these two latest studies give the clearest indication yet that a protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease could be used to diagnose people at a much earlier stage.

Early diagnosis is important because it could offer more opportunities to treat the disease.

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