Shamima Begum’s successful appeal signals hope for other European Isis suspects held in Syrian camps

Despite dire conditions in northeast Syria’s camps, most countries, including the UK, have brought home only small numbers of their citizens, usually orphans or young children, says Letta Tayler

ABC News

This week an appeals panel in London cracked the wall of resistance by most Western governments to bringing home citizens held as Isis suspects in northeast Syria. Local authorities have detained these citizens and their family members without charge for more than a year, in conditions that are at best appalling and at worst inhuman and life threatening. Most are women and children.

The Court of Appeal found that the UK government had denied a fair and effective appeal to UK-born Shamima Begum


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  1. One thing is sure: It is unfair to Syria to let them be stuck with all these ISIS prisoners. It is also dangerous: they may be ‘let free’ either by choice or by circumstances. Therefore I feel it best for the countries of origin to take responsibility for their citizens. Yes, check them out and if necessary prosecute them.

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