Jordan could ‘look positively’ on one-state solution if Palestinian-Israeli rights equal

pm omar

 Jordan’s prime minister, Omar Razzaz, said it will not absorb parts of the West Bank and its population. Photograph: Muhammad Hamed/Reuters

Source: The Guardian

Prime minister Omar Razzaz says Israel’s annexation plan would destabilise region

Jordan’s prime minister has said his country could view positively a “one-state democratic solution” to the Israel-Palestine dispute, as he warned that Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to annex parts of the West Bank could unleash a new wave of extremism in the Middle East.

Omar Razzaz told the Guardian that the Israeli prime minister’s annexation policy would be “ushering in a new apartheid state” that could be a radicalising force and further destabilise the region.

“The way we see it, anything short of a viable two-state solution is going to push not just Jordan, not just Palestine, not just Israel, but the region and the world into chaos,” he said in an interview in Amman.

But in a sign of the ailing status of the decades-old two-state formulation, Razzaz said Jordan could view favourably the creation of a single Palestinian-Israeli state, provided it gave equal rights to both peoples.

Israeli leaders have traditionally eschewed any kind of one-state solution, fearing that the Palestinian population would eventually eclipse the Jewish one and threaten Israel’s religious identity. But the idea has grown in popularity among Palestinian activists as the prospect of establishing their own state has dimmed.

“You close the door to the two-state solution, I could very well look at this positively, if we’re clearly opening the door to a one-state democratic solution,” Razzaz said.

“But nobody in Israel is talking about that, and so we cannot just sugar-coat what they’re doing. Who’s talking about the one-state solution in Israel? They’re talking about apartheid in every single sense.

“I challenge anybody from Israel to say yes, let’s end the two-state solution, it’s not viable,” he said. “But let’s work together on a one-state democratic solution. That, I think, we will look at very favourably. But closing one and wishful thinking about the other is just self-deception.”

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Dr. Zia H Shah, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

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  1. NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF MAN AND JEW WAS THERE A HONY OF A REMOTE IDEA OF PALESTINIAN/JEW RIGHTS EQUAL. The jew never consifered man tobe equal. He is the originator of the written scriptures. It is now narrowed down to the jew controlling the World through two books, namely the Bible and Qu’ran (in that order). (Another point, the jew created the Reg Veda (1st) and the Qu’ran (last).

    • Just to point out that according to the belief of Muslims the Qur’an is a direct revelation from Allah. Why similarities with bible and Torah? Simple, because they come from the same source: Allah, the creator of us all.

      • Rafiq: ‘the “belief” of a Muslim living in ignorance of the truth is equal to the belief of a Christian whosebelief is on what has been drummed into he/she from birth never having read the contents of the Bible. It is IGNORANCE on a very large scale. Have a guess at the combined number of followers of the Bible and the Qu’ran??

  2. This ‘one state solution with equal rights’ I have considered for a long time as the only possible and reasonable solution. Problem is, as told to me by Palestinians who know the Israelis well, the vast majority of Israelis have no intention to grant equal rights (a nice minority does, we must say also).

    • 1. The Aryans (todays jews), having created the Reg Veda. bible of Hinduism, were eventually requested to leave, plied with gifts of gold and precious jewels (Bible). 2. We find Abraham in Iraq (place name Ur). Later: jews shifted back to Babylon by King Nabuchadnezzar. 3. Jews lettered by King Artetexes to stick to their faith, noncompliance punishible by “may his house be a dunghill”. After the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. 4. Jews surrounded by the Roman Army, committed suicide, history, recent (TV documentary suggested different). 5. England: Jews set themselves up as moneylenders with ursury, Christians were not allowed to lend money, got into debt to the jews and complained to the King who banished the jews from England. King Charles I was beheaded by the Lord Protector who took over in place of the King. The son of the Lord Proctector succeded and brought the jews back and set them up in business. 6. WW1, THE Kaiser “the jews behind the trouble”.. The jew complained to a Christian cleric about the Kaiser stating “He should not have said that”. Reaction, uprising leading to WW2, jews accommodated. After the war the jews tricked the King on a preemped promise of a place to live in the Middle East, and moved under “returned” to Palestine under cover of the Biblical record of their being in Palestine (name of country left out of the Bible). They are sn insult to the snake (mentioned first and last in the Bible).

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