Bella Hadid’s deleted Instagram post shows how Palestinians are silenced

Bella Hadid


Is the word “Palestine” hate speech? Instagram seems to think it may be. The social media platform recently removed a post by the model Bella Hadid celebrating her Palestinian heritage. According to Hadid, Instagram deleted a photo she’d shared of her dad’s US passport, which listed his birthplace as Palestine; Instagram said it violated “community guidelines on harassment or bullying” and noted the platform doesn’t allow “hate speech”.


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    • And Facebook is blocking all my TMT posts since a month or so telling me that people have complained that these posts are abusive and therefore I’m blocked from posting anything from The Muslim Times…!

      That’s why I need to have an alternative link to post these articles on FB.

      • Some Pakistani ‘constitutional Muslims’ have been active, it seems. Problem with alternative link will be that all our ‘friends’ are on the old link, right? Any of the younger generation computer wizards have any ideas ?

      • That’s what I suspect, too and even wrote to FB, but still no reply or any kind of response.

        I have no idea how to over-ride this nonsense. As you suggest, maybe some youngster would know how to solve the problem…?

      • the only consolation is that you and me seem to have done a good enough job to be noticed by our enemies … does not solve our problem though.

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