“Loyalty to one’s country is part of faith In Islam”, Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community reiterates teaching of Prophet Muhammad (saw) on the American Independence Day

Report by Muhammad Ahmad, Detroit MI USA

Regional Missionary Shamshad Nasir of the Midwest region delivered his Dars (Daily Islamic teachings) on the 4th of July 2020 on the topic of Loyalty to one’s country. Independence Day in the United States of America is a special day where everyone young and old alike celebrates it with a lot of fireworks during the day and especially in the evening. There are official arrangements made for large scale fireworks across the cities and towns of the United States of America.

Imam Shamshad Nasir

Missionary Shamshad Nasir started his Teachings of Islam/Ahmadiyyat with offering his prayers that we pray that Allah May Bless the 4th of July for all of us and then conveyed his congratulations for Independence Day Celebrations. Imam Shamshad then discussed what Islam teaches us in these situations of celebratory events.

“How can we celebrate 4th of July?
Fireworks, holiday, parties, dance, and other such activities, these are all vain activities.
Holy Qur’an says that, “believers must shun vanity”, said Shamshad Nasir

We as Ahmadiyya Muslim Community celebrate by thanking Allah the Almighty. The blessings of Independence Day should reflect more gratitude and thankfulness in our behavior.

As per the Islamic teachings and the clear guidance of the Holy Quran we need to be thankful to Allah about providing freedom of religious practices in this country. All types of freedom are provided here in the United States of America which if we use per Allah’s commandments, will become the true Blessings for us. There are no restrictions on any type of worship. No one stops us from praying unlike countries like Pakistan where even Ahmadi Muslim Doctors are put in trouble from serving humanity.

We need to be thankful to the authority and the administration that has made freedoms possible. We can maintain our identity. We have freedom to practice our faith so be thankful to the government and people of the USA.

We should pray for the people of the USA that Allah May keep them on the right path and grant them the wisdom to run the affairs of the country properly. We should advise the administration on their responsibilities. We should write them letters just like the Holy Prophet (saws), Promised Messiahas and Khulafa have done. We should call them/invite them to the religion of Islam. We should also write in the press and media that there should be equal rights for all the people. The entire government should be fair and treat all citizens equally with justice.

Also, we should ask the US government to stop policing the entire world because this is not their job. They should concentrate on their local problems. We should advise the government that they should not selfishly only protect their own interest. They should not kill anyone to protect these interests. They should have the interest of humanity in their hearts and minds.

The government should adopt absolute justice. There is no peace without justice. The Teachings of Holy Qur’an about justice are very clear that we must do justice with our foes and even if it goes against our own relatives.

Holy Prophet (saws) has said that there will be 7 types of people who will have shelter of Allah on the day of judgment. Imam-e-Adl is one of these types – Just Ruler.

We should always show love for this country. Our country needs our services. Whether it is to serve in the military or serve as a volunteer. We should be ready. We should help the poor people. We should pray that Allah may remove this pandemic from this country and the world. This way we would all return our focus to God. May Allah protect us and protect this country of ours. Ameen

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