GOD TV Dispute Has Israel Talking About Messianic Jews

Source: CT

GOD TV Dispute Has Israel Talking About Messianic Jews

The controversy over GOD TV has put both Israel and its evangelical supporters in an awkward position, exposing tensions the two sides have long papered over.Evangelicals, particularly in the United States, are among the strongest supporters of Israel, viewing it as the fulfillment of biblical prophecy, with some seeing it as the harbinger of a second coming of Jesus Christ and the end of days.Israel has long welcomed evangelicals’ political and financial support, especially as their influence over the White House has risen during the Trump era, and it has largely shrugged off concerns about any hidden religious agenda.But most Jews view any effort to convert them to Christianity as deeply offensive, a legacy of centuries of persecution and forced conversion at the hands of Christian rulers. In part because of those sensitivities, evangelicals, who believe salvation can only come through Jesus and preach the gospel worldwide, rarely target Jews.


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  1. Those who go in depth will agree that Christianity is not a new religion rather revival of Jew ism. With passage of time when Jews forgot the real teachings of Moses (a.s) so God had to send Jesus Christ (a.s.) to revive the real teachings of Moses. Jesus Christ (a.s.) did it amicably. Unfortunately after his death Saint Paul took advantage and altered the whole teachings and brought in his own version of Christianity prevailing these days. However if efforts are made and both can revert back to the real teachings of Moses (a.s.) and as revived by the Jesus Christ(a.s.) there should not be a problem to have unity.Same scenario is being repeated in Islam. Prophet of Islam Muhammad (pbuh) brought teachings.  With passage of time real teachings were corrupted by religious clergy. So God sent the promised Messiah (a.s) in the person of Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (a.s) Main stream behaved exactly as Jews behaved when came the Jesus Christ (a.s.) and rejected him.  However it is the destiny a day will come when Jews will accept the Jesus Christ (a.s.) with his real teachings and Muslims will accept the Promised Messiah and then majority of followers of all Abraham’s religions will join Ahmadiyya Islam as presented by Promised Messiah of Islam Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (a.s) Inshaallah.

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