Zamzam water available via online platform during Ramadan

Arab News
Wednesday . May 13, 2020

The online service is available for Makkah city only but it will be gradually expanded to other cities. (Photo/Supplied)

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Nada Hameed
May 13, 2020
JEDDAH: Zamzam water is being distributed during Ramadan via the Saudi electronic business platform HNAK, said the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques.

Online purchase of Zamzam water is part of a project undertaken with the National Water Co. (NWC) following the suspension of sales at distribution points as a precaution during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

“The distribution will be available mainly in Makkah city. The service will be expanded gradually to all regions and cities of the Kingdom,” NWC said on Twitter.

Online customers will be allowed to buy a maximum of four bottles (5 liters each). A second order can be placed 30 days after the first purchase.

A 5-liter bottle costs SR7.5 ($2), with SR21 for delivery.

The King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Zamzam Water Project is reviewing the quantities allowed and the distribution period in accordance with production conditions.

The retail firm Panda also signed an agreement to distribute Zamzam water in its branches from April 27. Customers can buy only two bottles (SR5) each.

In addition to selling international brands, HNAK is one of the growing Saudi e-business platforms supporting Saudi firms, and helping entrepreneurs and designers showcase their products to the world. Categories featured on the platform include fashion, electronics and groceries.


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  1. I am checking Arab News daily to see if there is an announcement regarding Hajj. So far not…

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